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The next two minutes will change how you think about your passive income

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With Kryptonite Trades, we have adopted ways to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio with trading signals on our Telegram channel.

With our trading signals, making money is only a few clicks away.

Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is financial advice.


Why Kryptonite Trades?


Our trading signals include exact buy and sell targets so you can follow our trades with ease.


Our trades also include gems with amazing projects which have the potential to give incredible profits over time.

Trading Signals Including Gem Signals
Automated Trading

We have partnered with to allow automated trading. This will allow you to follow our trading signals and profit even when you have a busy schedule.

Personal Support

We are always happy to assist our subscribers with anything crypto related. We also have a telegram group chat where like minded investors can share ideas and grow together to build a trustworthy community.

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Why Kryptonite

About Kryptonite Trades


Founded in December 2022 with the aim to educate users on how to trade and maximise their investment portfolio to profit in both the short and long-term.


As cryptocurrency is still relatively new, we believe that there is no better time to get started than today and with our guidance, you can be assured to have a successful trading journey and platform.

We provide free signals and technical analysis on our public Telegram channel so our subscribers can benefit from our trading ideas and be more confident with our strategy. Our results are visible to the public so you can see how well our trading strategy works so you can feel positive with joining our premium services. 

Our premium services include spot trading signals, 1% profit set-ups and Kryptonite chat where investors can ask questions and share their ideas together. Best of all, our prices are affordable and we are certain you will make your membership fee back and much more.


Join us today for your successful cryptocurrency trading journey.

Features and Services


Premium Spot Signals

We aim to give a minimum of 10 trading signals per month. Otherwise you can enjoy the month on us for free.

We give the exact buy and sell targets. These include short term (1-7 days), mid term (1-4 weeks) and long term (1-6 months) trades.

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1% Profit Set-Ups

Imagine making 1% profit on your income everyday. These set-ups come with the least risk and aim to maximise your investment portfolio even when the market is trading sideways.

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Premium Kryptonite Chat

VIP chat for like-minded investors to share trading ideas and grow together.


We also give trading tips and answer questions related to crypto.


Plans & Pricing


Plan A

Premium Spot Signals

  • 1 Month- $35

  • 3 Months- $100

  • 6 Months- $185

  • 12 Months- $350

Access to spot trading channel

Cornix trading bot supported channel

Access to premium Kryptonite chat

Premium spot + 1% profit set-ups

  • 1 Month- $50

  •  3 Months- $140

  • 6 Months- $260

  • 12 Months- $500 

Access to spot trading channel

Access to 1% profit set-ups channel

Cornix trading bot supported channel

Access to premium Kryptonite chat

Plan B




'One thing I can promise you, even in this market, is that I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners. I ask them to judge me on my losers because I have so few.' (Jordan Belfort- The Wolf Of Wall Street)

Check out our full results from December 2022-present.

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